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Wrap-Pro Leak Repair Clamp WPRC

Model: WPRC040080
Brand: Wrap-Pro

Product Details

Wrap-Pro Leak Repair Clamp WPRC


  • Easy to use, versatile and fast to install
  • No special tool required for installation
  • Flexibility to Cut to desire length required


  • Securing, mounting, strapping, clamping and positioning
  • Suitable for all conventional clamping jobs
  • Any application from 2” (50 mm) diameter to 382” (9,700 mm) diameter

Key Technical Data:


SSE 101 - 114 gram/tube
SSE 201 - 114 gram/tube
SSE 301 - 114 gram/tube
SSE 501 - 114 gram/tube


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SGD 50.00
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Packing :
This product is discontinued.

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