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Wessbond 4 Min. 3ton Clear Epoxy CE-6

Model: CE-6

Product Details

  • WESSBOND 4 MIN (3 TON) CLEAR EPOXY is a two part  fast action clear epoxy that has good strength, durability and chemical resistance.
  • It is very easy to use, just mix equal amounts of Part A and Part B until the mixture color is a consistent dark grey and apply on to areas o be patched, sealed, filled, glued, etc.
  • It will harden in approx 4 -5 minutes and achieve its full strength after 8 hours.
  • it has very negligible shrinkage and can be applied as one thick layer since its harden by chemical reaction of epoxy resin and hardener.
  • It bonds to a very wide range of materials including metals, wood, concrete, rigid plastics, ceramics, etc.


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