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Weicon Plastic-bond 24 Ml

Model: 10565024

Product Details

WEICON Plastic-Bond 24 ml

Part Number: 10565024

  • excellent adhesion on plastics
  • high strength
  • shock and impact resistant

WEICON Plastic-Bond is a solvent-free structural adhesive with very good adhesion to plastics, aluminum, steel and much more. The adhesive is suitable for static as well as dynamic loads, has a high impact and peel strength and a maximum gap filling capacity of 5 mm.

Plastic-Bond is particularly suitable for structural bondings where high strength connections are required. It has a high viscosity and is suitable for processing on vertical surfaces.

The structural adhesive is universally applicable and can be used, for example, in plastics technology, in metal construction, in car body and vehicle construction, in mechanical engineering, in electrical engineering, in wood processing or in construction works at exhibitions.


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