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Water Softener Salt 25kg

Model: WSS25KG
Brand: OEM

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Water Softener Salt

The presence of certain metal cations in water causes a variety of problems. They interfere with the action of soaps, they lead to build up of limescale, which can foul plumbing, and promote galvanic corrosion. In industrial scale water softening plants, the effluent flow from the re-generation process can precipitate scale that can interfere with sewage systems.

The slippery feeling experienced when using soap with soft water occurs because soaps bind to fats in the surface layers of skin and remove those fats leaving clean hydrated skin which has a typical slippery feel. In contrast, in hard-water areas, the rinse water contains calcium or magnesium ions that form insoluble salts, potentially leaving a coating of insoluble salt on the skin and on the tub and shower surfaces, commonly called soap scum.

Water softening is the removal of calcium, magnesium, and certain other metal cations in hard water. The resulting soft water requires less soap for the same cleaning effort, as soap is not wasted bonding with calcium ions.

Softener salt tablets are designed to help reduce the hardness in water. In fact, salt pills are one of the best solutions for getting soft water. They are strong and smooth and are designed to remain intact and remove the metal cations that make water hard. They are typically used in water purifiers and water softeners.

Benefits of using salt tablets

  • Get Higher Quality of Water: Most people prefer to use salt pills because they can help convert hard water into soft without reducing its quality. Thus, you can rest assured about getting high-quality water that is free of any harmful chemicals.
  • Avoid Bridging and Mushing: Using tablet salt can help you get good quality water without having to deal with mushed up substances. It is quite easy to use and doesn’t leave any residue or ugly stains behind for you to clean up. It is an efficient way to improve water quality.
  • Extend the Life Of Water Softener Machine: In addition to removing certain impurities from water, using salt pills is an effective way to ensure that the softener lasts long. Also, they can make sure that the plumbing system, pipes, and tools using the water are not damaged.
  • Get Rid of Hair and Skin Problems: Using water that is purified by pellet salt can help reduce any skin or hair problems as a result of bad quality water. This is why most people prefer using salt tablets in their homes and places of business.


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