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Vessel Megadora No.960 Insulated Screwdriver Slotted 6 X 100mm

Model: 125825
Brand: Vessel

Product Details

Vessel Megadora Series 960 Insulated Screwdriver Slotted 6 x 100mm

Screwdrivers with a shank cover is for the purpose of short-circuit prevention, not for electric shock prevention. The VDE mark is allowed to be on a product which has passed the 1000V energization test (all pieces). Additionally, this mark proves that the product has passed 6 severe tests, apart from this 1000V test. It is highly recommended to use VDE marked insulated tools, with measures against unexpected electric shock taken, especially for the high voltage work which may induce serious electrification accidents.


  • Insulated Srewdrivers Series certified by VDE (IEC60900), International certification authority
  • Safe and secured double insulation layer
  • Highly precise tip-end (black oxide finish)
  • Chrome-vanadium steel, fully hardened
  • Flat surface grip
  • Never use for hot-line job risk of electrical shock
  • Use insulated gloves when working with this screwdriver
  • Stop immediately using this screwdriver when the yellow shank cover is comes out or there is damage or alike on the product


  • Brand: Vessel
  • Series: 960
  • Collection: Megadora
  • Product Type: Screwdriver
  • Colour: Red/Black
  • Thickness: 1 mm
  • Tip Type: Slotted
  • Tip Size: 6
  • Inner C/T: 6
  • Outer C/T: 60
  • Shank O/D: 7.8 mm
  • Shank LG: 100 mm
  • Length: 212 mm
  • Width: 34 mm
  • Weight: 0.1 kg
  • UPC: 840921121619


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SGD 16.60
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