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Vega or Natural Plant Conditioner With Em (effective Microorganisms)
Vega or Natural Plant Conditioner With Em (effective Microorganisms)
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VEGA OR Natural Plant Conditioner with EM for hydroponic and soil is a certified product of EMRO Japan

Formulated with the tiny organisms that exist at the bottom of the ecology pyramid, known as EM (Effective Microorganisms), a technology from EMRO Japan.

VEGA OR is natural, food-safe, and most importantly:- chemical-free!

No chemicals, synthetic fragrances or essential oils are added!



Food Safe

Safe for humans & Pets

Chemical and Pesticide Free



VEGA OR Natural Plant Conditioner EM® is applicable for both hydroponic crops and plants, perishable fruits and vegetables in the soil. When applied, EM® (effective microorganisms) produce metabolites, activate the tiny beneficial organisms from the environment, ferment the organic matter, escalate the decomposition of humus, retention of nutrients and water, and diversify more microbiomes. 

VEGA OR Natural Plant Conditioner EM® balances hydroponic crop water pH alkalinity; improves and escalates crop growth, increasing size and weight. The soil becomes softer and more fertile as beneficial organisms and earthworms increase; therefore, crops grow healthier, of higher quality, increasing yield, cultivation period is longer with a rich harvest. 

Common Plant issues and causes:

Faded leave colour

- may be due to underwatering or overwatering

- lack of sunlight to allow plant photosynthesising (chlorophyll turns bright green)

Dry brown spots on the leaf tips or along the edges

- lack of humidity

- excess light or scorching

- leaf spot disease

- fertilizer problems

- watering problems

Yellowing or brownish leaf with spots and patches

- nutrient deficiencies

Some plants may suffer from insect invasion or fungal spores and dry soil can affect the health of the plants from the roots to the leaves or flowering.

Apply VEGA OR Natural Plant Conditioner with EM to help improve the soil conditions and improve the root growths of the plant to nurture the weak plant to health!

It has been trialled after the application of VEGA OR Organic Plant Conditioner with EM, it helps to repel some insects harmful to the plants.

For Hydroponic plants or crops, water condition such as pH alkalinity and EC, and the supply of nutrients to the crops needs to be monitored to ensure they absorb adequately for growth in size, weight and health.


Spray frequently or every day to see the plant grow healthier with significant improvements; especially for the plants with weak roots, edible fruit and vegetable harvests

Dilute: 1 : 100 part water, or 10 ml VEGA OR to 1 litre water daily, or 3 times a week, watering on plants and into the soil (add and reduce the amount accordingly by observing the plant growth)


Water, Lactic Acid Bacteria, Yeasts, Phototropic Bacteria, Bean Extracts, Molasses


- Do NOT overwater the plants. Some plants may require less or more water and sunlight. Please check with the experienced florist on the plant characteristics.

- Keep away from sunlight and close the bottle tightly when not in use to preserve the enzymes longer

- If accidentally swallowed, drink enough plain water to dilute and clear the EM through ingestion

- Product should smell like vinegar, discard away if there is a foul smell

Best use within 1 year (if stored in a dark and cool environment +/- 22° to 28°C can last up to 1.5 or 2 years)

*- Stocks are subject to ex-stock availability, kindly allow a lead time of 3-5 work days for delivery

*- Run-out-stocks require 30 days for beneficial microbes to be cultured, packed and delivered

Formulated by CLP Envisystems (Authorised Distributor of EM-1)

For more information:

Call or WhatsApp: +65 8223 1084


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