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Unior Valve Spring Compressor 2202/2bi

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Model: 2202/2BI (619722)
Brand: UNIOR

Product Details

• material: special tool steel

• entirely hardened and tempered

• surface finish: chrome plated

• suitable for almost all engines due to its wide range of adjustment

• valve spring compressor not include pressure pieces

• 4 pressure pieces (article 2202.1) allows us working on almost all engines and are available as spare parts

• using its very fast and easy with lever blockade

• after adjusting the tool for the first valve, the speed of work increases as readjusting is not necessary for subsequent valves.

• adjustable handles enable desired pressure on the spring.

• extra large throat for larger engines

• This tool is used to attach and detach valve springs and features a self-locking lever and quickly-adjustable fittings to allow it to be used with all kinds of engine

S$ 186.00
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