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Unior Universal Bearing Press 1721

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Model: 1721 (623301)
Brand: UNIOR

Product Details

• Unior’s 1721 universal bearing press set enables installation of bearings on most of the frames and components. • Set includes spindle with two threaded handles, adapters for following standard bearings: 608, 1526, 6000, 6001, 6802, 6803, 6804, 6805, 6900, 6901, 6902, 6903, R6, 28x17 (Hope), BB30, all Press-fit standards and two different sized plastic coated adapters, to protect carbon surfaces during bearing installation.

• One of the threaded handles includes a quick release system for quick and easy use.

• All items are organized in a compact two layer SOS foam storage box

S$ 358.50
Free Shipping above SGD 2000 spent in this shop

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