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Unior Rear Windscreen Wiper Arm Remover 1942/2

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Model: 1942/2 (619271)
Brand: UNIOR

Product Details

• material jaws: chrome vanadium

• for removing rear windscreen wiper arms

• supplied with rod Advantages:

• special adaptor, for protecting wiper arm hose

• How to use the tool:

• This tool for the removal of rear windscreen wipers is designed to enable the simple removal of all types of rear wipers. The adapter on the remover spindle is protected during work by the hose that supplies the cleaner fluid. The rod included in the set makes it possible to turn the spindle faster and, if greater removal force is required, to use a 13 mm wrench. The construction of the tool ensures its long service life.

• use with wrench dimension 13

S$ 141.00
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