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Unior Professional Auto Inspection Set 2084

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Model: 2084 240x110x45x650 (619742)
Brand: UNIOR

Product Details

• with long life LED light

• available in durable plastic bag

• the magnet's lifting capacity: 3.5 kg

• included in the set: 1 round mirror O60, 1 angular mirror (65 x 42 mm), 2 bits attachments, 3 L1154F batteries, 1 bag with the SOS tool tray

• In addition to the LED light, this set includes additional mirrors to facilitate viewing of difficult-to-reach areas inside the car, making this a very useful set. The tools are also intended for lifting small metal objects such as screws, nuts, etc. The set comes in an attractive and durable bag. Individual tools have been placed in the SOS tool tray to make them easier to find.


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