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Unior Pro Road Repair Stand 1693r

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Model: 1693R (627529)
Brand: UNIOR

Product Details

• Pro Road Repair Stand is a sophisticated product, developed in cooperation with some of the best World Tour mechanics.

• Stand is built from strong aluminum and steel parts and only weights 5,1 kg.

• In comparison to traditional three-leg fork mount stands, Unior's double-leg design takes up less space once unfolded and offers mechanic more working space. Stability of the stand is equal as with three-leg designs.

• The upper assembly is angle adjustable, while the complete stand is adjustable by height.

• The stand is suitable for work on lighter mountain bikes as well.

• The upper assembly is also compatible with Unior's Pro Workshop stands with plate.

• The stand can be also upgraded to support bicycles with through axles, with additional through axle adapter – article number 1693R.2


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