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Unior Double Suction Lifter 1944/6

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Model: 1944/6 (619740)
Brand: UNIOR

Product Details

• durable plastic body

• for the transport and positioning of windscreens during fitting and removing operations Advantages: • loading capacity: 75kg

• two strong suction pads for maximum safety

• suction pads can be set to suit flat and curved surfaces How to use the tool:

• This lifter is useful when replacing and carrying windscreens (they have to be removed to be replaced). The lifter is operated by placing the two suction pads on the windscreen and creating vacuum in them by using the handles. The suction pads then securely grip the windscreen that is to be removed or installed. • 1. Position it on the windscreen.

• 2. Move the handles to create vacuum between the lifter and the windscreen.

• 3. The windscreen can be safely removed or installed using the lifter


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