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Unior Chain Breaker, Press and Riveting Tool for Motorbike 3200/2BI

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Model: 3200/2BI
Brand: UNIOR

Product Details

UNIOR Chain breaker, press and riveting tool for motorbike 3200/2BI


  • material: : special tool steel
  • surface finish: chrome plated to standard ISO 1456:2009
  • ergonomic heavy duty double component handle
  • Dimension of box: 32.1cm x 19.8cm x 5.4cm


  • for DID chains with graduation 520, 525, 530 and 532
  • for Regina chains with graduation 520, 525, 530
  • for RK chains with graduation 520, 525, 530 and 532
  • compatible with most motorcycle drive chains

Disassembling the chain:

  • a robust set for disassembling a chain without any prior grinding of the pin
  1. select the appropriate pin (diameter O3, O4 or O5 mm) and bushing (O4 O5 or O6 mm) corresponding to the pin diameter on the chain
  2. insert the pin into the tool, then position the tool on the chain link and rotate the tool until the chain pin falls out

Assembling the chain:

  • assemble the chain according to the manufacturer's instructions
  1. select an appropriate set of pressing adapters depending on the size of the plates (guide widths to 13.5 mm or 16 mm)
  2. position the set into the tool. Place the tool on the connecting chain link and press the link by rotating the riveting tool using the handle until the plates and the chain are tightly connected
  3. after the chain link and the plates have been successfully aligned, install the chain pin
  4. You can choose from 3 types of riveting pins (type A, B or C)
  5. place the riveting set into the tool and rotate the handle to cause a deformation of the head of the pin, so the diameter is between 5.5 to 5.8 mm as recommend the chain manufacturer's instructions

Technical Data:

Length x Width x Height : 27cm x 4cm x 11.5cm

Weight : 2.49kg

Packaging Data:

Length x Width x Height : 20cm x 32cm x 5.5cm

Weight : 2.4kg


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