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Uniden 25km Walkie Talkie GMR1635 (2 Handsets)

Model: GMR1635
Brand: Uniden

Product Details

A walkie talkie is also known as a handheld transceiver and two way radio. It is a very useful gadget. You can clip a walkie talkie to your clothing; they are light weigh and easily carried about your person. The walkie talkies can be used in any activities such as playing, business purposes, security purpose and educational purpose. In terms of clarity and security, walkie talkie radios are much clearer and secure because it toggles between the talker and listener. The communicate device is easy to use and you can communicate immediately without hassles.

Product details of Uniden Walkie Talkie GMR1635(25km)

  • 15 GMRS/7FRS Channels
  • 22 Channel
  • Small & Compact to use
  • Twin Pack (2 Handsets)
  • Long Battery Life
  • Up to 25km Range(Subjected to Terrain Conditions)
  • Channel Monitor
  • Battery Strength Meter
  • Call Button
  • Roger Beep
  • Power Source: 3 x AAA Battery per handset(Included in package)


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