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Model: EAJ 101 EP
Brand: TOYO

Product Details

TOYO EAJ 101EP Heavy Duty Grease is a superior, heavy duty greaase that provides excellent lubricity, resists separation and has good shear and mechanically stability.

It is exceptionally resistance to water wash and including emulsions.

A truly multi-purpose grease that outperforms many other heavy duty grease.

Typical Physical Properties:

NLGI Grade: 2

Thickerner/ Soap Type: Calcium Base

Dropping Point: 125 Deg C +/- 5 DegC

Water Resistance: Excellcent

Timken OK Load: Approx 40lbs

TOYO EAJ 101 EP Grease are primarily used to lubricate water pumps, cranes, trucks, wire ropes, machinery components and vehicles bearings operating under mild conditions and lubrication of buffer disks, screw couplings and hand brake spindles.

Package size: 24 bottles in 1 carton

Delivery lead time: Approx 10 days

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