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Tenax 1l Marble Glue With 45ml Hardener TGH1L

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Model: TGH1L
Brand: TENAX

Product Details

Tenax Marble Glue 1L with Hardener 45ml

  • Designed adhesive glue and filler for marble, stone a and slate.
  • Also suitable for wood and metal.
  • Used for gluing and filling of all types of marbles and stone
  • The glue is smooth and easy to spread
  • High tixotropic glue, repair vertical and horizontal marble and similar stone
  • Volume of Marble Glue is at 1 Litre
  • Volume of Hardener is at 45ml
  • Model: TGH1L


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SGD 16.70
1 ~ 9-
10 ++7.18%

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