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Telwin Battery Testor W. Printer DTP900 for 12/24V, 4-250AH Battery
Telwin Battery Testor W. Printer DTP900 for 12/24V, 4-250AH Battery
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Digital tester to check the status of the battery, the starting efficiency (CCA), the starter system, and the alternator circuit of the vehicle.
Selectable reference international standards for vehicles to which the various starting amp ranges used by the battery manufacturer correspond.
Practical and compact, it allows operation on 12V/24V batteries (WET, GEL, MF, AGM, PbCa, EFB) both disconnected and connected to the vehicle, facilitating testing operations that are rapid and easy to carry out.
It automatically compensates for temperature for more precise detection.
The backlit LCD screen facilitates data reading, even in poorly lit environments. Equipped with a built-in printer to print reports.

Features for

  • WET, GEL, MF, AGM, PbCa, EFB batteries from 4-250 Ah at 12V/24V;]
  • tests carried out: battery status, starting efficiency (CCA), starting system, alternator circuit of the vehicle;
  • selectable reference standard for the vehicle;
  • tests can be carried out with battery disconnected or connected to the vehicle;
  • backlit LCD display;
  • multilingual: EN, IT, FR, DE, ES, PT;
  • direct printing of reports using built-in printer.

Technical Details

  • Charging voltage: 12-24V
  • Battery capacity: 4 - 250 Ah
  • Current range: 40/ 1885 -ENA
  • Current range: 30/ 1320-IECA
  • Current range:25/ 1120- DINA
  • Current range: 40/2000-SAE-CCA A
  • Current range: 50/2400-CA(MCA) A
  • Current range: 26A17/245H2- JIS A
  • Operating temperature (min-max): 0 - 40 °C
  • Dimensions: 9.8 x 7.8 x 27.5 cm
  • Weight: 0.714 kg
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