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SY Super Polymont Bubble pack Foil SY-SPBF

Model: SY-SPBF
Brand: SY

Product Details

SY Super Polymont Bubble pack Foil SY-SPBF

Size : 1.25Mtr x 60Mtr


Polymont’s high-tech insulation system is an effective barrier against radiant heat transfer. With its highly convective heat transfer. The double-sided pure aluminium foil, attached to a durable, improved polyethylene bubble layer, serve to protect heat gain and heat loss in the winter. Using Polymont’s high-tech insulation ensures that 97.4 %of the infrared heat will not penetrate the building . Only 2.6% of the radiant heat rays escape through the product versus 100% escape through conventional mass heat insulation.

S$ 450.00
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