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Sy Extruded Polystyrene Foam Insulation Blue

Brand: SY

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SY Extruded Polystyrene Foam Insulation Blue

"XPS" extruded board is a hard type extruded polystyrene thermal insulating product made of polystyrene with additives using extrusion method. The board possesses a continuous and even external layer and completely closed honey-comb cells structure achieved during the continuous extrusion process. The board is an excellent thermal insulating material with high compression strength and low coefficient of thermal conductivity, low water absorption rate, low vapor permanence, long life because of its uniform wall thickness of linked honey-comb structure. These characteristics are the quality of an excellent thermal insulating material.

High Endurance - It is stable, not harmful, resistant to decomposition and mold. It also has an extremely good and anti-corrosive performance.

The excellent perionnances of thermal insulation, high compression, water proofing make the board to be superior to conventional thermal insulating material and suitable for use in new buildings or retrofit works.


  • Least risky interior wall insulation approach
  • Cold concrete foundation wall must be protected from interior moisture-laden air in summer and winter
  • Spray foam insulation layer is vapor semi-permeable permitting inward drying
  • Interior air cannot access concrete condensing surface or rim joist condensing surface due to spray foam layer


  • Concrete roofs, Under deck/Floor, Basement, Under Slabs, Walls and Balconies insulation
  • Precast, achieve effective good thermal performance
  • Roof Harden insulation
  • Cold stores and warehouse
  • Wine storage insulation
  • Model Making form


  • Brand: SY
  • Product Type: Foam Insulation
  • Color: Blue
  • Material: Polystyrene
  • Function: Waterproof, Insulation
  • Application: Roof, Wall, Floor Insulation

Available Size:

  • 2ft x 4ft x 25mm - 20 Pieces/Bundle
  • 2ft x 4ft x 50mm - 10 Pieces/Bundle


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