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Sworke Optimus Pearl Graphite Frame Eyewear

Model: 207301R
Brand: Sworke

Product Details


  • Lined with numerous venting ports. Designed for ease of air flow and enhanced circulation in high velocity motion. Don't let your vision get cloudy, ever again
  • Lined with high density sweat-resistant closed-cell foam that takes the brunt of high strength impact. Fends off the sweat on your brow, flying debris and other airborne muck that could flow into your eyes
  • Tough sweat-resistant nose pads cushion offer enhanced grip in motion and cushion against high strength impact
  • Go beyond the day. We integrated a single lens port into the Optimus technical frame, to accommodate mono-body lenses with cheek protection, so you could get maximum protection
  • Designed the Optimus to be contact lens optional. The Optimus has a removeable Rx Lens Carrier for superb hassle-free corrective vision
  • Anti-slip, moisture-resisting, wraparound temples grip easily on wet skin and hair. The motion stable technical frame won't shake, and definitely won't fall off your head
  • Engineered, tested, and certified fit to protect your eyes from hazards. The Optimus, optics and frame, are both certified according to American ANSI Z87.1 standards for impact protection and optical quality


  • Brand: Sworke
  • Product Type: Optimus Safety Eyewear
  • Frame Colour: Pearl Graphite
  • Lens Colour: Clear


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