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SWEMAFLOW 236 Air Flow Hood

Model: SWEMAFLOW 236
Brand: Others

Product Details

SwemaFlow 236 is a fast and accurate air flow hood instrument. It measures exhaust air flow in ventilation systems from 1 to 65 l/s (3.6-234 m³/h, 2.1...137 cfm).
Swema measuring principle with a net of hot wires is unique. The net allows low flow and also a wide opening. The net of hot wires covers the whole opening which gives an accurate mean value and minimises the throttle effect. The temperature and barometric pressure is measured to compensate the flow for air density.

Low weight and telescopic handle
The low weight and the telescopic handle with angular adjustment ensures good balance and tightness. With the extended handle a ladder is in most cases not needed.

Large digital display
The large digital display with backlight shows instantly the flow with one decimal. When needed the digits in the display can be turned upside down for easier reading. The units l/s, m³/h, °C or cfm, °F are easily selected. SwemaFlow 236 can freeze the measured value.
SwemaFlow 236 is charged with the included charger or with a standard USB charger (max 1.6 A). To measure supply air flow a foldable supply air capture is used.



Instrument, telescopic handle, carrying case, battery charger, manual & calibration certificate.


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SGD 2,900.00
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