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SwemaAir 5 Anemometer

Model: SwemaAir 5
Brand: Others

Product Details

SwemaAir 5 is an anemometer for air velocity, air flow and temperature. The instrument has an built-in barometer. Together with the temperature sensor SwemaAir 5 compensates for the air density.
Air velocity is measured in m/s or fpm and air flow in l/s, m3/h or CFM. The area is entered into the instrument as a diameter, height x width or area. Max, min and average value is shown on the display. The instrument has a large display with backlight and can store hundreds of measurements.

The instrument suites a wide range of applications, such as air flow measurements in ducts and over grilles, checking air leakage at windows and measuring air velocity in fume cupboards.


Supplied with: SwemaAir 5, RS232 to USB convertor, Manual, & Calibration Certificate.


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SGD 1,900.00
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