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Stainless Steel 304 Straight Bracket

Model: sci40506080100128156
Brand: OEM

Product Details

Stainless Steel 304 straight and flat bracket suited for joining of materials together.

Material: Stainless Steel 304
Size in MM (Refer to picture for A & B)

  1. SCI40 - A-40mm B-16mm Thickness-2mm
  2. SCI50 - A-47mm B-16mm Thickness-2mm
  3. SCI60 - A-57mm B-16mm Thickness-2mm
  4. SCI80 - A-87mm B-17mm Thickness-2mm
  5. SCI100 - A-97mm B-20mm Thickness-3mm
  6. SCI128 - A-128mm B-20mm Thickness-3mm
  7. SCI156 - A-156mm B-20mm Thickness-3mm


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