Stainless Steel 304 D-shackle Bow Type
Stainless Steel 304 D-shackle Bow Type
Product Description

D-Shackles Bow Type with collared pins are designed for application where a more secure tight pin is required. Bow shackles allow them to take loads from many directions without developing significant side load. The larger loop shape of a bow shackle does reduce its overall strength, but it is also able to handle a larger strap.

For various uses and securing applications.

Material: Stainless Steel 304

Size Guide in MM (Refer to photos for ABCD)

  1. M4 - A-20mm B-9mm C-26mm D-12mm
  2. M5 - A-26mm B-11m C-32mm D-17mm
  3. M6 - A-31mm B-12mm C-34mm D-20mm
  4. M8 - A-39mm B-16mm C-48mm D-24mm
  5. M10 - A-51mm B-20mm C-65mm D-33mm

S$ 4.00 – S$ 10.00
(exc. GST)
S$ 4.28 - S$ 10.70
(inc. GST)
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