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Staf Bgcx Linear Guides Size 25

Model: BGCX 25
Brand: Others

Product Details

BGC Cage type
In traditional linear guide design, the steel balls rotate between the guide and carriage. The relative speed on the steel ball contact point is twice that of the rotational speed. In addition, the contact surface A of traditional guides between steel balls is very small. As the contact pressure (P) moved toward infinity (P = the mutual pressure exerted among the steel balls (F)/contact surface (A). Therefore, the steel balls are easily worn out in traditional guides. The BGC series contain lubricant between steel balls and the friction produced is absorbed by the oil film. Thus, this series is suitable for high speed use.

BGC complete cage design

The linear guide is designed with a separator between the steel balls. Because the external shape of the separate and the manufacturing principles are different, it is hard to completely distribute them throughout the entire loop. The end portion may leave a gap that is 1 or 1/2 size of a steel ball. The BGC linear guide design overcomes this problem, and can evenly distribute them throughout the loop, so that the forces received are more even, providing a more stable overall lifetime


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