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"ssshhh" Sound-Absorbing Foam Panels / Self-adhesive / Home Studio Wall Panel

Model: Polyurethane Foam
Brand: Others

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"SSSHHH" Sound-Absorbing Foam Panels / Self-adhesive / Home Studio Wall Panel

SOUND-PROOF: Keep noise out of your room, studio or office with "SSSHHH" Sound Absorbing Foam Panels. Made from a polyurethane foam with a base of 30 kg/m^3 density, its open cellular structure provides excellent acoustic absorption over a wide range of frequencies, and a good performance as a thermal insulator.

EASY TO INSTALL: The sound absorbing foam panels come with self adhesive material, making installation a breeze. Simply peel off the adhesive protector and apply on to your walls. The panels help reduce reverb, flutter echoes, undesirable acoustic reflections and other unwanted noises. Thanks to its flexibility, it can be manipulated and cut with ease to fit the right dimensions.

FIRE AND WATER-RESISTANT: With a high mechanical and fire resistance (between -20ºC and + 100ºC) our polyurethane foam is self-extinguishing (according to the UL94HF1 standard). It has low sensitivity to solvents and detergents, making it waterproof. And unlike mineral wool, it is not irritating and has no detachmentof fibers and / or particles. EUROPEAN-MADE: The "SSSHHH" Sound Absorbing Foam Panels are made in Spain and are produced under strict quality assurance.

PRICING: $29.9/pack. 1 pack includes 10pcs.


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SGD 29.90
(exc. GST)
SGD 31.99
(inc. GST)
Minimum Order of 10 pcs - Sets of 10

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