SS10 Shower Seal (building Product)
SS10 Shower Seal (building Product)
Product Description


 Suitable for Exterior Glass, Wall tiles, Granite, Marbles and Timber surfaces.

 Reduces water absorption by about 95%. Can use to stop leak in the toilet floor without hacking.

 Permanently bonded to substrate.

 Does not leave any oily residue on treated surface.

 Reduce or prevent algae growth.


 Solvent - free aqueous silicone ester emulsion.

 Reduces water absorption capacity of building materials.

 Waterproof external brick walls and exterior walls without leaving any patch.

 Can be incorporated into low slump cementitious products, such as imitation stone blocks and paving

stones; to significantly permeability to water and the occurrence of unsightly finish.

 An ideal solution for leaking bathrooms and toilets. Simply spray or brush on tiles and grouts.

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