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Spanjaard Lubricating Switch Cleaner

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Brand: Spanjaard

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Spanjaard Lubricating Switch Cleaner

Lubricates and cleans all switches and electrical contacts. Also used on all variable controls and relays. All products are flammable now! It can be used to clean and lubricate brushes, circuit breakers, switches, capacitors, electromechanical equipment, electric truck systems for forklifts, starters, potentiometers, relays, rheostats, safety device switches, switch contacts of all kinds. Effective cleaner for switchgear, relays, brushes, circuit breakers, rheostats, switch contacts of all types. Washes away dirt, grease and other contaminants.


  • It can be used on variable controls and relays
  • It can be used to clean and lubricate brushes, circuit breakers, commutators, condensers, electro mechanical equipment, fork-lift truck electrical systems, starter motors, potentiometers, relays, rheostats, safety device switches and switch contacts of all types
  • Flammable Aerosol
  • Do not spray on naked flame or incandescent materials
  • Do not expose to temperatures higher than 50°C
  • Store under cover and away from direct sunlight
  • Evaporates quickly, leaving a protective lubricating film, restoring the contact and preventing corrosion of metal parts
  • Increases the contact area and reduces resistance
  • Prevents arcing – the lubricating film acts as a bridge


  • Brand: Spanjaard
  • Product Type: Switch Cleaner
  • Container Type: Aerosol
  • Colour: Clear/Beige
  • Length: 6.5 cm
  • Width: 6.5 cm
  • Height: 19 cm
  • Weight: 0.25 kg

It comes in 2 different size available

  • SKU : 53 790 175 ( 200 mL)
  • SKU : 53 790 500 ( 400 mL)


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