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Spanjaard Chain Lubricant

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Model: SPCLB
Brand: Spanjaard

Product Details

Spanjaard Chain Lubricant

A water resistant non staining anti-fling lubricant which penetrates like oil and lubricates like grease.


  • Compatible with O-ring, X-ring and Z-ring motorcycle chains
  • Improves the life span of the chain and enables silent and smooth movement of the chain
  • Resistive against heat, dries fast leaves no residue
  • Chain Lube penetrates deeply with straw lubricating non accessible areas reducing chain stretch and wear Chain
  • Lube penetrates, lubricates, protects and reduces friction in the chains


  • Brand: Spanjaard
  • Product Type: Chain Lubricant
  • Container Type: Aerosol
  • Weight: 0.3 kg

It comes in 2 different size available

  • SKU : SP50500196 ( 200 mL)
  • SKU : SPN0165 ( 400 mL)


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