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Skf / Mityvac MV8510 Sliverline Elite Hand Pump Bleeder

Model: MV8510
Brand: SKF

Product Details

Hand Vacuum/Pressure Pumps

All of our hand pumps feature lever-style vacuum/pressure release. This unique feature allows the operator to quickly and conveniently relieve the vacuum or pressure in the pump and system by reaching forward with one finger and lifting up on the lever. It’s easy and the operator doesn’t have to release the pump or use a second hand.

All Mityvac Silverline and Selectline hand pumps feature a simple, repairable design. Pumps require nothing more than a screwdriver to disassemble, and standard maintenance kits and replacement parts are available for most common service items.

Mityvac hand pumps operate using a simple linear piston design that requires very few moving parts, and builds smooth, consistent vacuum or pressure throughout the length of each stroke. The pump handles operate on the principle of leverage to create a powerful vacuum or pressure with only limited effort from the operator. A natural, one-hand squeezing action creates vacuum or pressure on the squeeze stroke.

Mityvac pumps feature an ergonomic handle design, making them comfortable to operate and keeping them secure in the operator’s hand, even when they’re greasy and slick.

One of the reasons Mityvac is the world leader in hand pumps is due to our extensive selection of available options. By offering a wide range of pump configurations, users can select exactly the pump they need for their application without having to settle for a pump that won’t perform, or pay more for options they don’t use. Whether purchasing a pump for brake bleeding, engine diagnostics, windshield repair, fluid transfer or any one of hundreds of other applications, Mityvac offers the pump that fits your requirements.

Pump Features: 

  • Lever Vacuum/Pressure Release 
  • Repairable 
  • In-line Piston 
  • Design Contoured Handle

Pump Options:

  • Metal or PVC
  • With or Without a Gauge
  • Standard or Dual Converter
  • Standard or Superpump


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5 ++15%
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