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Showa SK7000 Polyester Clean Wipe

Model: SK7000
Brand: SHOWA

Product Details


SK7000 is a soft and highly absorbent clean wipe made from 100% continuous polyester filament in a double-knitted, no-run interlock pattern that provides good strength and high cleaning efficiency. Clean washed in Class 10 cleanroom to low particles, ionic content and silicone free. This high performance wipe is ideal for general surface cleaning, wiping and spill control in cleanroom and critical environments.

Suitable for class 10 cleanrooms, laboratories, pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries.

Available in
- Sterile packaged by gamma radiation to 10-6 Sterility Assurance.
- ESD safe for low triboelectric charge for dry wiping.
- Customized size or in roll form.


  • High performance wipe for dry or wet surface cleaning.
  • Silicone, phthalate and amine / amide free.
  • low particle, non-volatile residue and ions content.
  • High liquid absorbency.
  • Laser, Ultrasonic or ultrasonic border sealed edge.
  • Solvent resistant.
  • Lot traceability.
  • Cleanroom class 10 laundered and double bag vacuum packed.


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SGD 168.00
Minimum Order of 10 pcs - Sets of 10

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