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Sealxtreme Uncoated Fiberglass Tape Suf

Model: SUF2328
Brand: SealXtreme

Product Details

SealXtreme Uncoated Fiberglass Tape SUF


  • Made by weaving yarn into cloth on a loom state.
  • Suitable for the manufacture of length-limitless pole, tube, tanks, pipes and structural products with high strength and high fiber content.


Specially designed for use in filament winding applications with epoxy resin systems

Key Technical Data:

Glass type: E-Glass
Thickness: 0.15 mm
Weight: 156 g/m2
Weaving pattern: Plain
Tensile strength - weft: 430 N/cm
Tensile strength - warp: 520 N/cm
Max. moisture absorption rate: 0.3 %


  • 2" x 328 ft SUF2328
  • 4" x 328 ft SUF4328


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