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Sealxtreme Active Leak Repair SXP0206

Model: SXP0206
Brand: SealXtreme

Product Details

SealXtreme Leak Repair Kit SXP0206 SXP0212 SXP0309 SXP0412

-  Handy wrap repair system designed to fix active leaks in 15 minutes
-  Provide permanent repair
-  Repair active leak up to 150 psi
-  Extend pipe life
-  No shutdown required
-  Applicable to any metal or non-metal pipes up to 18-inch diameter
-  Withstand pressure up to 400psi and temperature up to 200°C when cured
-  Chemical resistance (acids, alkalis, solvents and etc)

Operating temperature: -50 °C to 200 °C (-58 °F to 392 °F)
Tensile strength: 2,900 psi (204 kg/cm2)
Compression strength: 9,750 ± 530 psi (685± 37 kg/cm2)
Cured hardness: 82 Shore D

Each Kit Contains:
- SealXtreme Fiberglass Repair Tape
- QuikControl Sealing Tape
- SmartStic Steel Epoxy Stick
- Protective Gloves


  • SealXtreme Fibreglass 2" x 6fts + 25mm x 3mtr x 0.5mm (SXP0206)
  • SealXtreme Fibreglass 2" x 12fts + 25mm x 3mtr x 0.5mm (SXP0212)
  • SealXtreme Fibreglass 3" x 9fts + 32mm x 5mtr x 0.5mm (SXP0309)
  • SealXtreme Fibreglass 4" x 12fts + 50mm x 5mtr x 0.5mm (SXP0412)


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