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Sealex Zota M150 Modified Pu 600ml (carton of 20 Tubes)

Model: M150

Product Details

Sealex Zota M150 Modified PU 600ML - 1 Carton 20 Tubes
Color: Grey and White Available.
Price is for 1 carton of Sealex PU Sealant Zota M150.

ZOTA M-150 Modified PU Sealant and Adhesive is a one-part elastomeric material modified polyurethane the latest in sealant technology. ZOTA M-150 Modified PU overcomes the many shortcomings associated with common PU sealants like its sensitivity to moisture causing delamination, bubbling, swelling etc. ZOTA M-150 Modified PU is a non-shrink, non-swell, non-bubbling sealant and can be use in moist condition thereby increasing productivity and assurance for a perfect seal join.

Moreover ZOTA M-150 Modified PU is a green product containing no solvent and less than 2% VOC and is LEED compliant providing a safe working environment to installers and a safe place for home owners to live. ZOTA M-150 also has excellent weather resistance compared to common PU providing less maintenance and a longer lasting joint.


Elastomeric Modified Polyurethane Adhesive/Sealant
Non-bleeding, non-stain sealant
Hybrid technology does not contain isocyanates nor solvents
High resistance to degradation and weathering
Fast Cure
Tested to ASTM C920 : 2008 requirements
Green product LEED 2009 EQ c4.1 VOC compliant

Additional Benefits

Does not cause oil stains in panels and porous material
Sealant joints does not swell not shrink
Hybrid technology high UV resistance allows long term outdoor application
Increase productivity, cures 50% faster
Insensitive to water and moistures versatile to work with


ZOTA M-150 Modified PU is an excellent sealant and adhesive for many Commercial, Industrial and Residential construction applications where a long-term, permanently flexible bond or seal is required. Such applications include:

Concrete joints
Metal building construction
General sealing and waterproofing
Metal and aluminum panels
General industrial applications
Roofing and gutter
Window and Door Perimeter

Common Bonding Substrates

ZOTA M-150 Modified PU has excellent adhesion capability and can be used on a variety of substrates including:

Aluminum, Granite, Most Plastics, Ceramics, Marble, Porcelain, Painted Surfaces, Metals, PVC, Glass, Most Woods, Porous Surfaces (Concrete, Brick, Limestone, etc.)


ZOTA M-150 Modified PU is ready to use and requires no mixing or additives. Higher humidity accelerates cure. Tooling, if necessary, should be done before skinning takes place.

Technical Infomation

Curing Speed: 3 mm. depth per day
Tack Free Time: 15-25 min
Specific Gravity: 1.58
Elongation: 300%-400%
Working Temperature: 5'C - 45'C
Tensile Strength: 1.6 MPa
Movement Gapability: :t 25%
Hardness: 25-40 Shore A
Odor: Odorless

Surface Preparation

All surfaces should be clean and dry. If necessary bonding surfaces can be solvent wiped with naphtha, ketones or chlorinated solvents or mineral spirits. Allow surface to dry thoroughly before applying sealant. Do not solvent wipe with alcohols or oil-containing solvents such as Varsol. Priming for ZOTA M-150 Modified PU is not normally required for applications to nonporous surfaces.


ZOTA M-150 Modified PU when stored in original, unopened sausage below 32°C, has a shelf life of 12 months from date of manufacture.


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