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SDB-1 Benchtop Solid Dispenser
Product Description

The bench-top automatic Solids Dispenser SDB-1 is a precise and repeatable dosing solution for powders in the laboratory. It significantly improves lab productivity while ensuring process accuracy. Volumetric solids dispensing with the SDB-1 is particularly fast, taking only 2.5-3.5 seconds per dose. Its compact benchtop design allows for easy integration into existing workflows, reducing repetitive tasks.

The SDB-1 features interchangeable dispensing heads, enabling quick processing of different materials without cross-contamination and eliminating the need for cleaning steps. The small dispensing head can dispense doses ranging from 5 mg to 250 mg in a single shot, with the option for incremental dispensing. The large dispensing head can handle doses from 5 mg up to 5 grams and multiples thereof. Additionally, there is a continuous mode available for processes like blending.

An LED display on the dispenser provides real-time feedback on the amount of powder being dispensed. The SDB-1 is powered directly from the AC socket, with user-selectable voltage options of 115V or 230V.

Customized solutions, including automation capabilities, are also available to meet specific requirements.


Features • Exchangeable dispensing heads.

Performance • Solid Dispenser accuracy will remain over time

• One-time calibration for each powder type.

• Powered by AC power socket.

Dispensing advantages: • Usable with different solids/powders.

• Typical dispensing range from 5 to 250 mg (small dispensing head) or 5 mg up to 20 g (large dispensing head).

• Easily interchangeable dispensing heads.

• Standard glass vials or customized container to contain powder sample.

• Separation between dispensing unit and dispensing head.

• LED display provides information on number of doses being dispensed.

• High repeatability

• High accuracy

• Smallest volumes feasible

• Easy to use and maintain

• Low voltage

Specifications • Size: 120 (L) x 200 (W) x 450 mm (H)

• Power Supply: Auto Switching 110VAC to 240VAC

• Power rating: 15W max, typical 9W

• Weight: 3 kgs

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