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Sbv One-hand Rapid Pipe Wrench SBV-52164

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Model: SBV-52164
Brand: SBV

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Sbv One-Hand Rapid Pipe Wrench SBV-52164


A very practical wrench in your toolbox. With just 1 hand, you can adjust your wrench and have the wrench in place in just 1 movement.


  • One hand Rapid Pipe Wrench, very PRACTICAL
  • No need to have you 2 hands to adjust the wrench, in 1 movement, the wrench is placed!


  • One Hand Operation
  • Automatically adjusts to the size of the pipe.
  • Unique Gearless ratchet effect.                                                       


  • Extra-strong 3-point grip.
  • For a fast, automatic clamping action: the greater the force applied to the wrench, the harder the jaws grip the pipe.
  • For both tightening and loosening nuts
  • Aluminium handle
  • Torque Over 1500Nm


  • Wrench Size 14"
  • Height: 36cm
  • Width: 14cm
  • Depth: 3cm
  • Weight: 900g
  • Material: Aluminium Handle, Torque above 1500Nm
  • Opening of the jaw: 21 to 48 mm
  • Properties: Allow to work faster thanks to the Ratchet effect
S$ 64.00
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