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SANI KLEEN Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer - Non Alcohol

Brand: Consolidated

Product Details


Non Alcohol Hand Sanitizer (Water Based) / Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer

Note: No Alcohol content in this product

Product Description:

Sani-Kleen is a non-alcohol, water-based sanitizer suitable for rinse-free hand applications and surfaces. It is effective for use against coronaviruses. It contains 0.5% Benzalkonium Chloride (recommended for fighting coronaviruses) and kills 99.9% of bacteria on hands and surfaces. Sani-Kleen is recommended for use at all places including halal establishments

Areas of Use:
Sani-Kleen is suitable for use in all commercial and light industrial sectors. It is recommended for hotels, country clubs, condos, offices, shopping malls, cinemas, halal establishments.

Directions to use:

Recommended to use neat. Do not dilute as efficacy will be affected. Apply and spread thoroughly over hands. Rub over hands and let product dry up on its own for full efficacy. Suitable for rinse-free hand application and cleaning of hard surfaces.

Active Ingredients List:
>0.5% Benzalkonium chloride (under recommended list to fight coronaviruses)

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Free: 500ml bottle with pump provided for each purchase of 5L bottle


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