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Runntech Self-centering Joystick for Precision Control of Forestry or Mining Equipment

Model: Product configuration: RT02-T-3-V1(10K)-02(89)-HD10b8-BT2③②R-W100L-HV2-M6
Brand: Others

Product Details

Product configuration: RT02-T-3-V1(10K)-02(89)-HD10b8-BT2③②R-W100L-HV2-M6
  • RT02: RunnTech 02 series robust joystick controller;
  • T: mechanical spring return to center (self-centering);
  • 3: dual axis 360° free movement;
  • V1: input: DC 24V, output: -10V…0…+10V;
  • 10K: 10K ohm precision potentiometer;
  • 02: 2 normally open contacts in each axis;
  • 89: contacts @ -32° to -3° or +3° to +32°;
  • HD10b8: grip with 2 pushbuttons, 1 deadman trigger and 1 thumbwheel;
  • W100L-HV2: hall effect thumbwheel, output: 0.5-2.5-4.5V;
  • M6: mounting dimension: 76x76mm, central hole: 92mm.

About RT02 Multi-axis Joystick Controller

RT02 rugged industrial joystick controller is designed for hydraulic proportional control and variable frequency motor control, such as Construction machinery, Precision machine, Military robotics, Refuse handling trucks, Unmanned vehicles, Rotary drilling rigs, Cranes, Marine etc. Available in one two or three axis configurations, this joystick can be supplied with non-contact Hall effect sensors or long life potentiometer tracks.


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