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Runntech 2 Axis Self-Centering All-directions Movement Hoist Crane Joystick Controller

Model: Product configuration: RT300-T-L-3-4(2)-HD2-M5
Brand: Others

Product Details

Product configuration: RT300-T-L-3-4(2)-HD2-M5
  • RT300: RunnTech RT300 series joystick controller;
  • T: mechanical self centering movement operation;
  • 3: dual axis, full direction free movement;
  • L: switch assembled horizontal;
  • 4(2): 4 steps each direction, (2): contact arrangement;
  • HD2: round ball shape joystick grip;
  • M5: mounting dimension: 85x85mm, central hole: 78mm.

About RT300 Crane & Hoist Joystick Controller

RT300 series industrial crane joysticks (master controller) are mainly used in the occasion of the harbor, docks, coal, or open-air operations, AC 50Hz, 60Hz voltage 380V and 220V DC to control the hoist crane transport operators as well as the similar electrical control equipment, such as motor starting, speed control and brake.


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