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Rcm Italy Atom E Ride on Sweeper Machine 95L - Atom E Plus
Rcm Italy Atom E Ride on Sweeper Machine 95L - Atom E Plus
Product Description

RCM Atom Plus Ride on Sweeper ATOM E PLUS

Compact, Versatile, Tough

Atom Plus is a compact sweeper to quickly clean quickly small and medium sized internal and external environments. Those who use it feel at ease immediately because of the comfort and natural kind of drive, like a car. Reliable and simple to use, Atom Plus is the ideal solution for efficient and cheap cleaning. Atom SA is the smallest ride on sweeper in the RCM range equipped with hydraulic system, to allow to the operator the dump the waste hopper without efforts.

Easy to use with a great loading capacity

It can also be emptied in waste containers

Steering Wheel Control

The controls most frequently used are located on the steering wheel. This makes cleaning operations easier and improves the hourly output.

Great Loading Capacity

The hopper (among the largest of its market segment) reduces the loading/unloading downtime and is extremely practical.

Finishing Cleaning

The on-board vacuum cleaner (optional) allows for completing the cleaning procedure in just one run, thus avoiding time consuming operations.

High Capacity Filter

The rear loading system of the waste hopper allows for a filtering surface larger than the average to retain the dust raised by the brushes. Easy to clean thanks to the electric shaker. It can be disabled when operating on wet surfaces.

Great Safety

Like in all RCM machines, the driver’s seat is in at the front in order to ensure perfect visibility in the operating area. In addition, the driving system similar to that featured in cars makes machine control easier, increasing its safety and operating accuracy such as cleaning along the walls.

It Does Not Raise Dust

Dust Buster retains the dust collected by the side brush, thus improving the cleaning quality and the operator comfort. DUST BUSTER and the use of the left-hand side brush (optional) ensure a wider cleaning track without dispersing the dust in the environment.

Long Lasting

Because of its premium, robust and essential mechanics, guards on the solid frame and the polyethylene shock-absorber bonnets.

Low Maintenance

The constructive rationality facilitates and limits the maintenance interventions thus reducing the hourly labour rates. Brushes can be removed quickly.

Reduced Costs

Special care has been taken with regard to the accessibility of mechanical components as to reduce maintenance costs.


  • Use for both indoors and outdoors
  • Small and medium industrial premises
  • Multi-storey and outdoor car parks
  • Supermarkets and shopping centers
  • More strength for long resistance
  • Vacuum on side brushes (Dust Buster system) for dust free sweeping
  • Overthrow cleaning system to fill waste container completely
  • Vacuum cut-off for wet sweeping
  • Large electric dust filter for total dust control
  • Front driving seat for perfect visibility
  • Overthrow cleaning system to fill waste container completely
  • Floating main and side brushes with mechanical lift
  • Lifting front flap for litter
  • Easy access to all mechanical parts

Area of Use

  • Industry and craftsmanship, Trade and distribution, Logistics and transports, Services, Tourism and Horeca, Health and Welfare, Public sector, education, Sport, Private use


  • Brand: RCM
  • Product Type: Sweeper
  • Material: Heavy Duty Steel
  • Traction: Rear Electronic
  • Hopper Capacity: 95 L
  • Maximum Cleaning Width: 133 cm
  • Dust Filter Shaker: Electric
  • Type of job: Wiping away and filtering the dust
  • Area to be Cleaned: 3500-7500 m²
  • Type of Cleaning Operation: Maintenance
  • Width of the Curface to be Cleaned: 133 cm
  • Waste Container: 95 L
  • Container Drain: Manual
  • Supply: Battery 24 V
  • Length: 114 cm
  • Width: 101 cm
  • Height: 139 cm

Please feel free to W/A 9456 1888 for assistance, demo for machines

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