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Rapid High Performance Rivet (50)

Model: 5000383
Brand: RAPID

Product Details

Rapid High Performance Rivet

These high performance, aluminium rivets are perfect for securing material which may be in exposed places such as mudguards, metal and plastic covering, signage and metal sheeting. A drill of correct size is included in the packaging.


Head made of aluminium, pin made of steel

50 pcs, packed in blister

Drill included

For RP10 , RP40, RP60, RP100

Size Options

Rapid High Perform Rivet Ø3.2X8mm (50) #5000383

Rapid High Perform Rivet Ø4.0X12mm (50) #5000384

Rapid High Perform Rivet Ø4.0X14mm (50) #5000385

Rapid High Perform Rivet Ø4.8X10mm (50) #5000387

Rapid High Perform Rivet Ø4.8X12mm (50) #5000388

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