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Pye Wood Varnish Polyurethane Varnish Light Brownish

Brand: PYE

Product Details

PYE Wood Varnish Polyurethane Varnish Light Brownish

Clear air-drying polyurethane/alkyd resin based formula designed to provide a tough wear-resistant finish on all internal timber surfaces in a single can. It gives a satin covering with resistance to water, wear and tear.


  • Can be used for parquet, paneling, doors & furniture
  • Suitable for interior particleboard, cork tiles etc
  • Surfaces should be sanded, clean and dry
  • Stir thoroughly before application to achieve a better result
  • Ready to use. If thinning is required, add 10%-15% white spirit
  • Sand lightly between coats
  • Avoid inhaling vapour and ensure adequate ventilation
  • Allow 2 to 3 hours drying time between each coat. Light walking traffic is permissible after 12 hours


  • Brand: Pye
  • Product Type: Polyurethane Varnish
  • Colour: Light Brownish
  • Coverage (app.): 10-12 m²/litre
  • Length: 20 cm
  • Width: 20 cm
  • Height: 18 cm
  • Weight: 1 kg

Available Size:

  • SKU: REWV-025 -250 ml
  • SKU: REWV-100 - 1 L


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