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Pull Tight Seal (black Foil Printing of 6 Digits Serial Numbering)

Model: P3-105PP
Brand: OEM

Product Details

Pull Tight Seal P3-105PP (black Foil Printing of 6 Digits Serial Numbering)

Lead time 3 weeks

Features :

  • User friendly
  • In strips of 10 for easy dispensing
  • Compact and temper resistant
  • Metal clip provider better and stronger pull strength

Applications-suitable for sealing :

  • Bunkering oil bottle
  • Shipping containers
  • Trolley and cages
  • Trucks and vans


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S$ 0.18S$ 0.20(exc. GST)
S$ 0.19 - S$ 0.21(inc. GST)
Model :
Minimum order of 1000pcs, in Sets of 1
Technical Data Sheets

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