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Pull Tight Plastic Security Seal 0428STPP

Model: 0428STPP
Brand: Others

Product Details

Pull Tight Plastic Security Seal 0428STPP

Security seals are mechanisms used to seal important containers or bags in a way that provides tamper evidence and some level of security. Such seals can help to detect theft or contamination, either accidental or deliberate. It also has higher electrical insulating properties,anti-aging, acidproof, corrosion resistance properties

Material         :  Polypropylene (PP)

Lock Button    :  Aluminium 

Colour            :  Red 

LOA               :  360mm

Quantity         :  1000 pieces 

Printing          :  with 6 consecutive serial numbers and marking (if required) laser printed in black


• User Friendly

• Different Colours for easy identification

• Running Serialised numbers for easy tracking

• Compact and temper evident

• Variable length for flexibility

• Ribbon snaps once there is any attempt to pull back the ribbon


• Airline Cargoes

• Trucks & Vans

• Oil & Gas

• Petrochemical Industries

• Freight Container

• Gaming Machines

• Pharmaceutical Industries

• Postal & Mail Order Bags

• Clinical Waste Bags

• Railway Freight

• Forensic Evident Bags


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S$ 0.34(exc. GST)
S$ 0.36(inc. GST)
Minimum order of 1000pcs, in Sets of 100

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