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Prosafe NBR Foam Coated Gloves Flexi-27

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Model: Flexi-27
Brand: Prosafe

Product Details

Breakthrough design in today's modern Personal Protection Equipment climate. Most suited for precision handling to the end-users in the construction and marine sector. Its multi functional benefits and versatility is the perfect fit for your daily task!

Breathability - micro nitrile foam component allows added breathability and ventilation, a very viable product for jobs in the tropic environment in terms of comfort

Flexibility - ergonomic design makes it very fitting to the hand. Its soft touch finish reduces tension with the human skin especially during prolonged periods of wear

Protection - cut resistant to level 2. The reinforced nitrile coating on the palm minimizes the risk of abrasion and impact injuries

Enhanced Grip Technology - anti slip nature of nitrile foam offers a secure grip during handling

Water Permeability - ability to permeate moisture allows an added form of hygiene


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