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Prestar Foldable Trolley NB101

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Model: NB101
Brand: Prestar

Product Details

Transport loads with peace of mind.
The corners of the cargo platform are curved on the sides and protected with soft rubber bumpers to absorb shocks in case of a collision when transporting loads.

Silent casters for reduced noise.
Models equipped with low noise casters are available for work situations where avoiding noise is important,such as transporting cargo in offices or at night.It is made of reinforced plastic to prevent corrosion and allow use in food processing plants,and the like.

NB-101 (Folding handle type)


  • Brand Prestar
  • Housing Material Zinc Plated Steel
  • Load Capacity 150 kg
  • Wheel Diameter 100 mm
  • Platform Material Metal (Blue)
  • Platform Size 740x480 mm
  • Loading Surface 620x480 mm
  • Castor Type Standard
  • Castor Height 123 mm
  • Floor Height 134 mm
  • Overall Weight 11.5 kg

Foot Parking Series

Simply depress the foot pedal to apply or release the parking brake.It is also possible to mount stoppers afterward on hand trucks that are already in service.

Pressing the brake pedal engages the stoppers on the left and right wheels, putting the hand truck into a parked state. Press the release pedal to disengage the brakes.

Model: NBS101 or NB-S101 (Steel Bracket Foot Brake)

Hand Parking Series

The brake engages when the hand is released,and hand truck will not move unexpectedly while it is stopped. SEC type is attached the safe function to lock the brake by withdrawing a pin when hand track is stopping.

Model: NBHP101 or NB-HP101 (Hand Parking)


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