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Pilot Permanent Marker

Model: SCA-100
Brand: Pilot

Product Details

Pilot Permanent Marker

The Pilot SCA-100 Permanent Marker features a bullet tip. It also has a 24 hour cap-off life meaning it won’t dry out like other markers! The ink is fade resistant and it can write on almost any surface making it perfect for all your warehouse, home or office needs. SCA-100 is xylene free.


  • Brand: Pilot
  • Product Type: Permanent Marker
  • Erasable: No
  • Ink Composition: Alcohol
  • Ink Type: Liquid
  • Tip Size: 1 mm
  • Point Style: Bullet

Available Colour:

  • SKU: MK-PL-PERM-SCA100-BK - Black
  • SKU: MK-PL-PERM-SCA100-BL - Blue
  • SKU: MK-PL-PERM-SCA100-GN - Green
  • SKU: MK-PL-PERM-SCA100-RD - Red


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