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Pilot Hi-tecpoint Pen V7 0.7 Mm

Model: PEN-PL-BX-V7
Brand: Pilot

Product Details

Pilot Hi-Tecpoint Pen V7 0.7 mm

The Pilot Hi-Tecpoint Pen has a stainless steel tip and a ball supported by dimple points, which reduces wear and allows a smoother rotation. The pen contains liquid ink for a smooth and uniform ink flow.

The V7 is a liquid ink rollerball equipped with an ink regulator for perfect ink flow. Its highly resistant tungsten carbide ball retains its shape and is extremely hardwearing. You will be delighted by the precision and the finesse of the V7 stroke.


  • Excellent writing comfort and precise lines thanks to the free-flowing and vibrant coloured liquid ink
  • Pen with cap
  • Hitec point for ultra-precise lines, fine or extra fine with an awesome writing comfort


  • Brand: Pilot
  • Product Type: Hi-Tecpoint Pen
  • Tip Size : 0.70 mm
  • Writing Width : 0.50 mm

Available Colour:

  • SKU: PEN-PL-BX-V7-BLU - Blue
  • SKU: PEN-PL-BX-V7-GRN - Green
  • SKU: PEN-PL-BX-V7-RED - Red


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