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Outdoor Bench
Product Description

Size: 1800*580*780mm

Design Specification

a. Furniture to come with

i. Backrest

ii. Arm rest at left and right ends

b. Size: approx. 1800mm long

c. Furniture shall be designed to prevent water stagnation on the surface

d. All protruding corners of Furniture to be rounded including seating area

e. All openings on frames are to be sealed to prevent pest infestation

f. Furniture to be bolted onto existing concrete floor with rust-proof bolt and nuts complete

with rust-proof spacer

Material Specification

a) Frame:

- Galvanized steel, wrought iron, stainless steel and/or equivalent

Frame finishes

- Anti-corrosion coating

b) Seated section:

- Hardwoods or engineered wood (with water absorption rate not

exceeding 0.5%) and/or equivalent material that will not be too hot for

users to sit

Seated section finishes:

- Anti-corrosion and UV resistant finishes

- For timber finish(if hardwood is proposed)

a. Lacquer, epoxy, varnish of non-glossy nature

Equivalent materials proposed shall be suitable for outdoor usage and are waterproof

& UV resistant

c) Optional elements:

a. Cup holder and;

b. Ash tray holder (To hold removable ash ash tray)

S$ 980.00 – S$ 1,080.00
(exc. GST)
S$ 1,068.20 - S$ 1,177.20
(inc. GST)
Lead time of 25 working days required.
Item will be ready to dispatch within the lead time specified.
installation :
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