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Orex Drain Cleaner With 5ft Wire

Model: 1105
Brand: OREX

Product Details


  • Quickly removes obstructions and cleans your drains with ease
  • Removes obstructions such as hair, vegetable dregs, food, bugs, sand, mud, and many other non-hard materials
  • Measures 5 ft long. Makes drains more efficient
  • No more waiting for the water to go down


  • Sinks, tubs, basins, showers and more.
  • Unique design fits through strainer, eliminating need to disassemble drain, no other tools needed.
  • Simply insert drain clog removal tool down the clogged pipe, give it a few twirls and remove.
  • Reliable and easy to use.


  • Brand: Orex
  • Product Type: Drain Brush
  • Length: 5 feet


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